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JVHRoberts at aol.com JVHRoberts at aol.com
Sun Dec 16 10:56:23 EST 2007

>From my experience, it's REALLY hard to overcool any Corvair. 

And  from my observations, once the car is warmed up, the damper doors are 
wide open,  meaning, their sole function is to speed up warm ups. They don't 
really regulate  temperature, IMHO. 
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tampatexan at gmail.com writes:

You can  also have someone follow you and observe the doors.  Of course, 
the  rear grill has to be removed for this. . .

Jim Houston
Tampa,  FL

FrankCB at aol.com wrote:
> Timothy,
>   Since it's rather difficult to actually "see" the  position  of the 
> thermostat doors while driving at normal road speed, I'm   assuming you 
stopped the 
> car, left it idling, jumped out and ran back  to find  both doors nearly 
>  This is normal since  the doors will only fully  open under significant 
> engine load  and will quickly start to move toward closed  position at  
>     The only way to tell if the car is running at  a  reasonable temp (say 
> to 400 deg.F. on a stock Corsa or  Spyder gauge) is to  install a temp 
> just like water  cooled cars usually have.
>     Frank "ALL Corvairs need  temp gauges"  Burkhard  
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>  shortle556 at earthlink.net writes:
> Is it  possible for a  Corvair to run "too cool"? After deflashing the 95HP 
> cylinder   heads, using a 12 plate oil cooler with both side shrouds, using 
>  Otto  Parts pan and valve covers, both of my rear doors barely start to  
> and  then close again very quickly when driving. I know  both doors move 
> and  both thermostats are operating  properly.
> Is it dangerous for an Corvair  engine to be operating  in low temps (0 
> degrees F to 40 F)? I have heard about  starting  an engine with cold 
temps. and 
> valve seats coming out of heads.I  am  getting ready to take a (long) drive 
> about 600 
>  miles.Since losing an  intake seat on my 140 PG Rampside I am now  nervous.
> Anyone?
> Thank  you,
> Timothy Shortle in  Durango Colorado


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