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Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 16 11:14:14 EST 2007

The only way to tell if the car is running at a  reasonable temp (say  
to 400 deg.F. on a stock Corsa or Spyder gauge) is to  install a temp  
just like water cooled cars usually have.
     Frank "ALL Corvairs need temp gauges"  Burkhard

I have two such after market gauges on my Monza.  One is a water temp  
gauge (dial only indicates temp and says nothing about being a water  
gauge; a plus - [FLAPS item]) that has the sensor mounted in the  
block (done during an engine re-build, re-build, tear down, clean  
again and reassemble -LAS - [long a_ _ story]) and the other (and  
BEST for its immediate notification of head temps) is a dual cylinder  
head temperature gauge that has the sensors located under the rings  
of the spark plugs on #'s 3 and 4.  I was able to determine through  
its use that the oil temp gauge was pretty accurate.  With both  
gauges located under the ash tray in the center of the dash and  
lighted, they are both available for immediate notification of any  
potential thermal problems.  The CHT installation was a piece of cake  
and can be done without removing anything more than the two spark  
plugs and installing cable clips underneath along the tunnel using  
the tunnel screws (unless you prefer to place the wire in the tunnel  
(lots more work, ??? benefit).

Stephen "agrees with Frank" Upham
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