<VV> Airtex Fuel pumps

Robert Marlow, Vairtec Corporation Vairtec at optonline.net
Sun Dec 16 13:32:58 EST 2007

Aah, it has been a while since we've had the periodic fuel pump 
debate.  We should be hearing from the "electric-only" devotees 
momentarily, along with Smitty and his fellow "mechanical-only" 
believers.  < grin ! >

As if nearly often the case in life, both camps can cite true 
benefits of their choice and valid disadvantages of the other.  You 
have to weigh the options and make your own choice.

In my case, I own three Corvairs.  Two of them operate on stock 
mechanical pumps.  The third operates on a electric pump.  At present 
I am satisfied with this arrangement.

--Bob in NJ

At 12:54 PM 12/16/2007, shortle wrote:
>After having a crankcase fill up with gasoline about 20+ years 
>ago,(first I thought I had lost a piston due to the excessive 
>smoking from tailpipe- then I thought I struck oil due to the amount 
>of oil on the dipstick) I realized what was happening and have never 
>trusted a mechanical fuel pump since. Only electric fuel pumps for 
>this guy now. I wonder about others out there?
>Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado.
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> >I recently bought a new fuel pump for my Greenbrier project and 
> wound up giving it to a club member when his failed. The problem 
> was that the rod that is attached to the diapham was to big in 
> diameter to fit in the fuel push rod that rides in the motor. It 
> got stuck and was hell to get loose. I took it back to Carquest and 
> ordered 3 more. One came in on Sat and it was also too big on that 
> rod end. I took the pump and a die grinder with a 1/8" carbide burr 
> and reduced the diameter enough to allow the rod work correctly in 
> the fuel pump push rod.If you have spare Airtex fuel pumps, check 
> to make sure you dont have this problem. The side of the road is 
> not the place to discover this!
> >  Later
> >  Russ Davis
> >  Blue Chip Machine

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