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Sat Dec 22 08:40:59 EST 2007

Frank said:
>my 65 corvair 110 , wont start if it sets two days , i have to prime the carbs. with 
>a little gas , then it starts right up , if i dont prime it , all it will do is turn over 
>till the Batt. goes dead, and will not start , what do i do , Thanks, Frank From Near Erie 
>pa  65 Monza Cp 110. PS i Have it put up for ther winter but want to fix it befor driveing 
>in the spring.

I would be willing to bet this car did not do that when it was new.  Therefore there must be a way to make it work properly again.

I would systematically try to find out where the problem(s) is/are.
1.   Let the car sit a couple of days ... then, with the ignition off;
2.   Open the motor compartment lid and, without touching anything, observe the position of the chokes.  They should be open or partially open.
3.   Move the throttle linkage once and see if the chokes snap closed.  Adjust linkage or replace the spring as necessary.
4.    Remove air cleaner assembly.  With one hand manually open the choke then look down the carburetor air horn ... with the other hand move the accelerator linkage a second time.  Did the accelerator pump provide a strong steady stream of gas?  The accelerator pump spring should keep the flow going even after the accelerator is wide open.  Hold the choke open on the second carburetor and look down the air horn then move the linkage the third time.  
5.   Very carefully remove the top of one of the carburetors and observe the level where the fuel has wet the side of the fuel bowl.  Also check for debris in the bottom of the bowls.  If the level is low check and adjust the float level as required.  This would be a good time to install a new accelerator pump.  Try it first by pushing it down in the hole and checking the stream.  Clean the associated passages if the flow is still not good.  

It is more than likely that a combination of the above adjustment will solve the problem. 
Corvairs are known for very high temperatures in the engine compartment so make sure the insulator in installed between the carburetor and the intake manifold.  It is possible the fuel in the bowl is evaporating when the engine is shut off.  This can vary with brands of the gas.

My recommended starting procedure is to press the accelerator to the floor 3 to 5 times. [Experiment with this; try 5 a few days then 4, then 3] Take your foot away from the pedal and then turn the key to the start position and crank for 5 seconds.  Repeat if necessary.

Even an engine in poor condition should at least try to start if all of the above is in proper order.  If there is still a problem take a look at the ignition.  This is much less likely to be the problem but you can check for voltage at the coil during starting to make sure the bypass is allowing a full 12 volts.  I have seen them with no volts and the engine just happens to start when the key is released from the 'start' position.  The points need to be clean and set with the proper gap.  If the plate in the distributor is worn out the ignition can vary and even fail.

On LMs there is a screw along the bottom edge of the instrument panel that if loose or missing can break the ground which can cause many strange things can happen.

During the process of going through all of this you may happen upon something that I have not even thought of and solve the problem then and there ... just remember the car did not always have the problem.  Good luck.
Ken Pepke

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