<VV> Pondering carbs and distributors

lloyd biggerstaff lloydscorvan at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 11:30:16 EST 2007

I was just wondering if there is a particular year of carb that was more desirable than the other years? I have been looking at used carbs for my 110 h.p. on EBay and have seen a lot of early model ones but not very many later year ones.Upon looking at my corvair  primer for more info I noticed that there was a host of upgrades in 1965.Is this a good year to start at? Also,can the different part # distributors have their internals swapped out to come up with the correct horsepower one? I ask this because I took apart my 102 distributor out of curiosity and it seemed like the only difference between it and my 110 were the weights and springs.Hopefully, I did not  get carried away with the pondering of parts.Merry Christmas to all.
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