<VV> Initial questions from a Corvair 'newby'

Ed Orbea ed.orbea at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 18:38:23 EST 2007

Thanks for the information about jacking the car. Based upon the 
responses I have received, I should:
(1) Always jack the car up from the rocker panel "pinch weld
(2) Since I need (first) to jack up the rear end, I should jack one side 
of the car partway up, install the jackstand
(3) Jack the other side "all the way up", install that jackstand
(4) Go to the original side and finish jacking the car up completely.

But since jacking the car at the rear rocker panel (pinch weld) will 
basically raise the entire side, is it best to placed the who side of 
jackstands, then the other as opposed to doing just the rear or front?

Also, what method do people use to ensure the side that is on the 
jackstands, doesn't shift when the other side is jacked up?

Sorry, for the questions, but I an brand new to Corvairs and their 
unique requirements/configurations.


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