<VV> Initial questions from a Corvair 'newby'

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Mon Dec 24 06:16:54 EST 2007

I most always jack up the whole car meaning both front and rear. It's easy 
to do with a Corvair. Also I use six ton jack stands for two reasons. I can 
get the car higher in the air and they are obviously stronger.
By putting the entire car up it gives me a chance to inspect things. I 
always find some small detail that needs tending to.
Raising it in two steps is also my method, going from side to side. I always 
watch the jack to make sure it is rolling with the car as it comes up on the 
Something to be aware of if you haven't used a floor jack much. All three of 
mine have a very sensitive valve when letting it down. You have to really be 
careful when you twist the handle or it will let go all at once. If you have 
a new one I would try a practice run on it just to see how it reacts when 
you let it down.

I am almost finished with the brake overhaul on my "new" 67 ragtop. It had a 
left rear wheel cylinder that made my "worst wheel cylinder hall of fame". 
It was completely frozen and corroded up. This is on a car that the seller 
swore it had a recent brake job! All I have left is installing the new 
master cylinder but I need to rehab the trunk area around it. Years of 
leaking hydraulic fluid has eaten it's way under the seam sealer. The P.O. 
just spray painted over it, a common practice! It seems I've done this job 
on every Corvair I've owned.
Also finished installing a new gas tank and replaced all the front brake 
lines and hoses.
I pulled the heater ducts and removed the mouse condos and their winter 

It has the usual Powerglide cable leak so this will be new territory for me 
as I never owned a glide before. Never paid a lot of attention to all those 
posts about SlickySlide trannys!

Ya'll have a Merry Christmas
and a Corvair New Year!

Rick & Jant Norris

ps. If anyone got a weird email from me (I know, how do you tell?) it was 
one of my Grandbrats as four of them were here Saturday and they 
"readjusted" my computer! Whadda ya expect from a four year old!

> Thanks for the information about jacking the car. Based upon the responses 
> I have received, I should:
> (1) Always jack the car up from the rocker panel "pinch weld
> (2) Since I need (first) to jack up the rear end, I should jack one side 
> of the car partway up, install the jackstand
> (3) Jack the other side "all the way up", install that jackstand
> (4) Go to the original side and finish jacking the car up completely.
> But since jacking the car at the rear rocker panel (pinch weld) will 
> basically raise the entire side, is it best to placed the who side of 
> jackstands, then the other as opposed to doing just the rear or front?
> Also, what method do people use to ensure the side that is on the 
> jackstands, doesn't shift when the other side is jacked up?
> Sorry, for the questions, but I an brand new to Corvairs and their unique 
> requirements/configurations.
> Ed

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