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Also,  what method do people use to ensure the side that is on the 
jackstands,  doesn't shift when the other side is jacked up?

Sorry, for the  questions, but I an brand new to Corvairs and their 
unique  requirements/configurations.


Ed - Watch the jackstands. If they are the triangular type, you will see  
vertical movement of a leg if the load is beginning to shift. Also, be  sure you 
provide the floorjack with a clean area on which to roll. If you do,  the 
floorjack will move a bit to allow the weight to shift a bit as the car goes  up, 
maintaining a good load on the "close-side" jackstands. The second lifting  
side will rise in an arc - or it should - around the top contact point of the  
close-side jackstand. If the jack gets stuck, there will be a sideays load on  
that point. A further note, If you have a welded-in roll bar or roll cage, the 
 reinforcement plate under the main hoop is the perfect place to lift.  I 
have found, for adequate safety, I do not life to full height (like engine  
removal height) on one lift. Moving back side to side several times lessens the  
amount of shift. The last lift should be followed with a short, load clearing  
mini-lift on the other side to remove any side loads. - Seth  Emerson

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