<VV> Initial questions from a Corvair 'newby'

kaczmarek at charter.net kaczmarek at charter.net
Mon Dec 24 11:52:14 EST 2007

I had a set of the Chinese 6 ton ones. 
I had my 60 700 4 dr's ass end up on them while I pulled the engine. 
Once I got the engine/transaxle loose , I put the car back on the stands to get my Finch cart out.  I then took a chain, and wrapped it around the door post to flip the car on its roof, so I could get the suspensions/gas tank out without crawling under the car. "REALLY RUSTY" 

As I flipped the car over with the chain, Once it was on the roof I looked at the jack stands, and one of them had been bent like it was made of clay.  OOPS. 

---- George Jones <65crownv8 at gmail.com> wrote: 
> One word of caution here, you will want to avoid the cheap Chinese jack
> stands here, event he 6 ton jobs. Go with a good name brand
> (Craftsman/Snap-on/Mac, etc.) . You don't want one to break while you're
> under the car.

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