<VV> Good Oil Filters for the Corvair

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Tue Dec 25 03:11:49 EST 2007

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anyone  have a list of oil filters , like the name and # that fit the corvair 
, i  would like to have a list just in case i run across some at swapmeets 
and such  , Thanks Frank From Near Erie Pa 65 Corvair Monza  Cp.  110.

Why put on a swap meet filter that may have been rolling around in a trunk  
for a decade? Filters - even good ones, like WIX, NAPA Gold, even the  
now-discontinued ACs, are cheap. Buy new ones, good ones and keep "A" spare.  Clarks 
has a new one that seems to be built well. There is one brand still  around, 
the name rhymes with "Cram" - I would stay away from their Corvair  filters. I 
have run their true racing filters and they are fine. But they went  Cheap on 
construction for the mass market. - Seth  Emerson 

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