<VV> Re:Oil Filters that fit the corvair

Gary Swiatowy mopar at jbcs2.net
Tue Dec 25 08:40:40 EST 2007

I beleive what Frank was hoping to find was a list of "older" filters that 
fit the Corvair.
Like the Atlas brand G-66 that I still come up with occasionally
Or the Lee brand LF-14

Commonly there is the AC PF-4
Purolator PER 14
NAPA 1038 (Made by WIX)
The WIX number is similar to this.
I don't have the Fram number handy.

Over the years I have found several brands, Hastings, Mopar, Shell, and 
several others. Most have a number similar to the PF4 or PER 14 but some 
have their own numbering system. But the old ones at swap meets have been 
pretty well cleaned out.............a LOT of Vair owners already frequent 
the meets, but you never know what you will find. I found several early air 
filters with a vendor at the Carlisle Chrysler event.

There are some of us who have 'issues" with the quality of the Fram Filter, 
and some who have had problems with the design of the Purolator.
Personally I use the NAPA 1038, and have a good relationship with my local 
NAPA store and get a good price by buying by the case. If 12 filters seem 
like too many, see if any other local Corvair owners will share a case cost 
with you.

Gary Swiatowy

> From: "Frank Maloof" <corvette at velocity.net>
> Subject: <VV> Oil Filters that fit the corvair
> anyone have a list of oil filters , like the name and # that fit the 
> corvair , i would like to have a list just in case i run across some at 
> swapmeets and such , Thanks Frank From Near Erie Pa 65 Corvair Monza  Cp. 
> 110.
> ------------------------------

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