<VV> Fan belt selection-options

cfm cfmann at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 25 11:48:43 EST 2007

In my review of available fan belts and options (from Clark's) I am not sure which belt(s) to get. And without longstanding experience with driveability and maintainence, I thought I would tap the deep and thorough knowledge of fellow VV subscribers.
Grooved or smooth, OEM replica or not? Are belts from NAPA, AutoZone.CarQuest, Advance Auto Parts and the like cheezy retailers the same, or better or worse?
Throw out your two cents so I can cool my 69 monza 140/4 the best way. The cold winter here is not enough :)
Thanks in advance, merry christmas
p.s. I have read Corvair Basics cover to cover...

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