<VV> RE: Detroit 2007 convention DVD

Brandes, Guy GBrandes at loebermotors.com
Fri Dec 28 12:53:11 EST 2007

I myself would not even think of blaming DACC for this any more than I
would if I got taken by any other vendor; unless the vendor had a
reputation that was known about in advance.  The vendor ALONE is
responsible for this issue.
Guy Brandes
65 VAIR 140
Ned, some businesses care about their reputations so things can be done
to pressure them-file a complaint with the Michigan Better Business
Bureau, threaten small claims court action (even if not action is
taken), etc.
I think we all realize that DACC was not involved in the DVD directly.
No one on this thread has gotten angry with the DACC folks.
In a message dated 12/28/2007 11:09:28 A.M. Central Standard Time,
wblanning at comcast.net writes:
	By reasonable, I mean to us, not them.  Something like Feb 1,
2008 would be good IMHO.  NLT March 1, 2008.
And then what? Do you all think that they will just give us all our
money back? I'd doubt that, especially based on their track record on
this DVD. I don't think I even have any written proof that I paid them
since I paid in cash. All I have is the half of the form I filled out.
The convention was a great one and I still would love to get the DVD.
Please keep in mind the this DVD is NOT related to the DACC club in any
way, shape or form. While they can perhaps help because they are in the
area, do not get angry with them. Save that for the right people.

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