<VV> OK One more question - backup light switch

Keith Onchuck keitho64 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 28 14:24:06 EST 2007

OK one more question for the group, the backup light
switch on my 64 4-speed car is broke.  I thought the
leak was coming from the backup switch but it is the
shifter seal.  The plastic housing was cracked and the
wires are off but the main body seems to be solid.  I
am not concerned about functionality as I do not have
any back up lights installed.  I cannot see anything
that leads me to believe the metal housing is cracked.

I have looked at the metal housing and I do not see
anyway for oil to make it through.  I was expecting
this to be like an oil pressure sender for the light
but it seems to be a contact switch.

Can the housing be installed into the transmission
without fear of a leak?  If not is there a plug
available to put in its' place?



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