<VV> Powerglide screen removal, etc.

steven at sashimi.org steven at sashimi.org
Sun Dec 30 20:36:08 EST 2007

Today I finally got to removing the pan on my PG.  I intended to clean the
screen and change the ATF.  As background information, I had already
replaced the bad modulator which stopped the smoking and knocking but the
slipping on upshift and severe slipping in reverse persisted.  About 1 week
ago I put in 1/2 can of Seafoam which seemed to help a little though the PG
was overfilled by about 1/2 pint.

OK, so today I dropped the pan and the screen looked very clean.  Still, I
was going to remove it but I couldn't figure out how to do it.  There was
no screw holding it in.  The filter had a small metal tab that looped
around a raised round bump in the valve body.  This loop seemed to keep the
filter from rotating.  The bump was solid, no threaded hole so no missing
screw.  I tried to pull the filter straight out but it wouldn't pull out
easily and I didn't want to force it.  It did seem to have a very small
amount of up/down play. Also the filter was slightly bent but not enough to
concern me.  The pan had been dented at one time and not completely
straightened out so I fixed the pan while I had it off the car.

Now, on to my questions:

How hard must one pull to remove the filter/screen unit?

Is there normally any play at all or is this indicative of bad seal (and
possibly the cause of my sliipping problem)?

When did they stop using a screw to retain the filter/screen? (this is on a
'69 140HP)?

I did go ahead and put in new fluid, which seemed to make the problems a
little better, but still very noticeable, particularly the reverse problem,
so I went ahead and put in the rest of the Seafoam being careful not to
overfill.  I'm hoping that the PG problems will continue to improve.

The upshift slipping occurs mostly on very easy acceleration, around 18-20
MPH.  Under moderate to hard acceleration there's little if any slip. 
Next weekend, if problems persist I'll check to see that the throttle rod /
lever is optimally adjusted.  

Other thoughts suggestions welcome.

Steve Brown


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