<VV> Re: [fastvair] RE: Rich Shepards Condition!

SPYDER62 at aol.com SPYDER62 at aol.com
Sun Dec 30 21:01:41 EST 2007

Hi All
Thanks for all the kind words and support.
I came home late Christmas day and am one sore old boy. Getting better and  
stronger every day and the 45+ staples come out next Friday.  Was hopping  to 
make the performance workshop next month but think that will be pushing it to  
mush. Doc's with not even let me pick of over 5 pounds for 2 months can up 
that  to 10 over the next few months. Plus till they get ma down to only 5 mg ( 
taking  30 mg  now)of one of the 27 drugs they have me on we will not even let 
me  drive. So am shooting to do hot laps at Willows during the convention.
hope to get back into the Corvairs  asap but have do as the doc's say  don't 
want to have to go back to the hospital other then for testing.

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