<VV> regular gas and fuel economy in a 110hp corvair

Craig Nicol nicolcs at aol.com
Sun Dec 30 21:02:30 EST 2007


Ray said:

I finally have my 65' Monza 110/PG coupe daily driver on the road and ready
to go.  My fuel mileage has been terrible, and it pings on regular so I had
to retard the timing.  


     I would like some advice on how best to make the 110 economical to
commute with.  Advice on timing settings and other adjustments would be much


Craig replies:

In my experience a stock 110 won't run efficiently on regular gas -
especially a '65-style head. Advance the timing until it pings once and a
while and check the mileage.  Switch to premium and further advance the
timing until it pings once and a while then check the mileage.  I'd wager
that the percentage increase in mpg is greater than the percentage increase
in fuel cost.  


If you want to improve from there, you can adjust the throttle valve (bell
crank on side of trans) to provide an earlier upshift to drive - that will
help the mileage.  Some Corvair vendors provide recurved distributors that
provide proper advance but are designed to reduce pinging on acceleration.
Don't forget to inflate those radial tires to something like 22/32 F/R.
Adding water injection will allow you to get to the ideal advance without
pinging.  You may also want to insure that someone hasn't increased the
carburetor jets; the stock '65 jets range from 49-51 depending on the size
of the power enrichment jet. Also make sure that your idle speed is properly
low.  If your idle speed is high and the car has lots of "creep" when the
brake is off, that's just wasted fuel. Synthetic oil will also improve fuel
economy. Make sure that your brakes aren't dragging.  All the little nips
and tucks add tiny fractions to the fuel economy but they all add up in the
end.  A properly set-up 110/PG should provide MPGs in the low 20s if driven


Craig Nicol

65,66,67 140s, 65 180.

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