<VV> regular gas and fuel economy in a 110hp corvair

Garth Stapon corvair2 at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 31 10:41:37 EST 2007

You can buy a copper spacer from the vendors that will reduce compression. (You will need six and engine disassembly will be required to install them.) This MAY allow the use of regular fuel. The other issue that compounds the problem is the leaning effect that comes with ethanol based fuels. (10 % across the board here in CT.)

I actually went to a dual exhaust on my 110 and fattened the jets to .053's. This did not help gas mileage but that nasty knock is a think of the past.

I plan to put the copper spacers in this spring. Understand that this will likely cause a drop in power. My gut tells me 10 hp, but it may be more. The hope is regular fuel might be a possibility which will help to offset the use of the fatter jet. I think I picked up 5 hp with the dual exhaust so my hope is that it will not be noticeable.

I have also seen some creative types work with float bowl levels and I understand that this may bring some benefits related to improved mileage. I leave that to people that may have done this.

Those that have done this can comment as I left mine at the factory settings.

Regards, Garth

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