<VV> regular gas and fuel economy in a 110hp corvair

Ken Campbell deltainc at grm.net
Mon Dec 31 21:08:55 EST 2007

Using E-10 fuel ( usually 89 rated ) I find that I need to roll the
distributor back to 8 degrees initial; this with stock springs and stops in
the distributor.  The car will barely ping under certain conditions, but not
bad.  I get about 22 - 25 mpg with this, 4 speed/3.55 rear end.

I agree with using premium fuel, at least 92 rating .... I only use the vair
about 10K miles, mostly fun trips, so I dont worry about loss of mileage or
a few horsepower ... fwiw, top end is about 88 miles per hour with the 8
retarded setup ... if I put in good fuel and go back to 14 degrees initial,
I can hit about 94 on the level, after a minute or two (g) ... so I dont
consider I am losing all that much; there are very few cars I can outrun
with the 110 anyway, if they want to doit tome ....

....... further, water injection really works, just get a reliable system

reargards, kencampbell,deltawerkes

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