<VV> High performance coil problem / Mounting?????

Matt Nall nalllm at verizon.net
Tue Nov 13 00:17:09 EST 2007

You mean in all the years you've been wrenching on Vairs.... you were never 
concerned wit hthe TEMP  of the coil in the stock location?

130  is scalding to the human touch.....  most electrical is designed for 
under 120 F     Heat kills ..I've been told..

I've never had a coil fail...but then I always, at least, make a Standoff 
between the head and the coils clamp/ bracket..

Matt Nall
All Vairs!
Lots of Corvair Technical info!

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From: "Frank DuVal" <corvairduval at cox.net>

> Um, Matt, the other 49 states had the coils mounted on the right head for 
> a few more years than California. I have never owned a Corvair with the 
> coil not mounted on the head until now. My 64 A/C sedan has the coil on 
> the engine lid latch brace.

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