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james rice ricebugg at mtco.com
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All:  I do not remember valve seats being an issue 20 years ago, except
maybe on race cars.    Given Warren's observation, is there a preventive
solution?  Letting the engine cool down before shut off?  70 deg garages in
the winter time to keep everything warm?

I do not know what the current process and procedures are for valve seat

If I remember correctly, Jim Schardt, before doing any of his head
modifications, use to take the seats out, heated the heads and seriously
cooled what I presume were oversize seats and press them in with 0.010"

Jon Brakke, who was the last person to SCCA race Stingers competitively,
said he had his head re-heat treated before doing anything else.  I assume
he took the seats out first.

Are there any shops doing this to street heads today?  At what cost?  What
heat treat specifications?

Warren, Seth, Bob H and Bob C., got any info?

Historically Yours,
			James Rice


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NO it is not always the intakes.

Here in my shop we replace all kinds of lost seats, including 110s, 95, and
turbos, and of course 140s.  45 years of expansions and contractrions will
get to them all.


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