<VV> Trunk hood seal, soggy saddle bags, brake wrench choices

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 25 21:47:29 EST 2007

The new hood is not mating with the new trunk seal.  There is about  
5/16" of a gap between the seal and the trunk lid.  The gap between  
the body and the lid lip on the front from passenger to driver's side  
is 5/16 (corner) 9/16 (midway to center) 1/2 (center) 7/16 midway to  
other side) and 3/8 (driver's corner).  Also, it sounds like a coffin  
lid in a horror movie when  it is being opened.

Also, I got caught in a light rain yesterday.  Water is collecting in  
the saddle bags.  Normal?

Finally, I have a 3/8 - 7/16 flarenut wrench in my father's  
collection of tools (and the special bleeder valve wrench,  
too...he,he,he).  Is this all that I'll need to tighten the brake  
line fittings? I bought a set that includes the 3/8-7/16, 1/2-9/16,  
and 5/8-11/16.  If there's a possibility I'll use them some day, I'll  
keep them, if not...  I'm going check the tightness of  the fittings  
first.  I pulled the drums on all four wheels and found brake fluid  
on the hub inside the drums on both front wheels (more on the  
driver's side, and there is an indication that it is leaking -slowly-  
from the center of the cylinder cap on that side, which is weird  
since the cylinders - brand new - have less than a thousand miles on  
them.  I couldn't determine the source of the passenger side).

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