<VV> Pilot Bushing Installation

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 27 20:36:22 EST 2007

kcvair at netscape.com wrote:

>I keep an old input shaft on hand specifically for the installation of the input shaft bushing.  I've never had a problem in this area.  
If one insists on using the input shaft you should have the diameter 
that  rests against the bushing turned or filed down square -- a better 
choice is an actual bushing driver, made for driving bushings -- I 
wonder if  a driver for pressing Corvair piston pins out would be of a 
good fit?

It would be my opinion that using the stock input shaft with it's 
tapered shoulder is what leads to these several mentions of folks having 
had "tight" pilot bushings, deformed by driving with that tapered 
shoulder.  I really don't see any other reasonable reason, and I can't 
imagine anyone one of y'all simply banging it home with the BFH  and 
punch when you've done everything else to these wonderful little engines 
with the utmost of care.

Maybe Lon and Cal need to offer up a proper little tool for this as part 
of their clutch merchandising.

Bill Strickland

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