<VV> Carbon monoxide detector

Brandes, Guy GBrandes at loebermotors.com
Wed Nov 28 11:15:36 EST 2007

Hi All, Menards has battery operated ones that fit under the seat for
fairly cheap.  The disposable ones don't give out any warning and must
be placed where they can be seen.  This isn't the place to be cheap!


Guy Brandes

65 VAIR 140

I use a disposable carbon monoxide detector called "Dead Stop."  It is a

small plastic square with a circle in the center that changes color if
it is 
exposed to carbon monoxide.  It comes sealed in clear plastic wrap and
once opened 
is good for a certain period of time.  I forget now how long but it's 
certainly long enough time to get you through until the next summer.
It's available 
at most pilot shops at small airports or on-line.  Google "dead stop"
"carbon monoxide."
~Bill Stanley

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