<VV> License Plate Light Conversion to LED?

Tony tony.underwood at cox.net
Wed Nov 28 17:43:22 EST 2007

At 02:12 PM 11/28/2007, paulsiano at aol.com wrote:
>I have noticed that the bulb is "hard" on the lens.? Has anybody 
>tried an LED replacement?? Any suggestions as to where I might start 
>to learn more about the possibility of such a conversion?

For what it's worth:

You can roll your own LED park/brake/taglite replacements via some 
electronics savvy, an Allied Electronics catalog, and some inside 
knowledge about high intensity LEDs which can be had for cheap.

All you would need is some burned-out lamp bases, a few resistors of 
the correct value, and a little ingenuity and you could cook up LED 
replacements for everything except the headlights.    What's more, 
the LED replacements would use *much* less than the incandescent 
originals.    And, they certainly wouldn't cook a dark spot on the 
tag light lens because they don't get hot.

Likewise the domelight lens which is famous for browning out from the 
OEM type interior bulb.

I just recently (last weekend) ordered a batch of LEDs to make 
headlights for the model train layout locomotives which don't vary in 
intensity (not DCC equipped) when you run the speed controls up and 
down.   I've been meaning to eventually get around to cooking up LED 
replacements for the park/brake lights on a couple of 'Vairs.



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