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Thu Nov 29 13:34:26 EST 2007

My wife's now retired boss (also an ex-pilot) 

Your wife is a pilot?

was moving his Ferrari  
Testarossa out of the garage to get to the lawnmower. Since his knee was
giving  him 
problems, he had his wife sit in it while he pushed it back. (See this one  
coming?) As it slowly started out down the driveway - slowly but surely  -
wife couldn't find the parking brake

Nor the foot brake????

I have found the clutch pedal instead of a brake pedal and panic ensued. It
seems so impossible to do such a thing, but in the adrenaline of the moment
all you can do is step harder on the clutch and wonder what failed in the
brake system.....

 so he had to reach in and grab  the brake 
(or watch it crunch the curb and probably another car). In doing so,  he
the attachment for the drivers door mirror and off it  came. The door was 
also tweaked (technical term) and warped. The bill for  repair? The mirror
$1100 - Available as a unit only, no piece parts  available. The total bill 
including straightening out and repainting of the door  and surround =
$8000.  - 
Ouch (Think of the lawnmower you could buy for  $8000!) - Seth Emerson

I have repaired Maseratis, so these prices seem reasonable.

Frank DuVal


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