<VV> Corvair Sales Market and invitation

Kenneth E Pepke kenpepke at juno.com
Thu Aug 21 06:31:04 EDT 2008

Soft market or not, the DACC [Detroit Area Corvair Club] is looking
at record pre-registrations for the HOMECOMING this weekend.
Corvair loving people from as far away as Florida are even now
making their way to Michigan :-)  IT IS NOT TOO LATE to join in on
the fun ... car show, swap meet [record applicants for spaces], 
activities for the wives, 'drive in' movies, tour of the GM Heritage
Collection, slow races, and plenty of food in our Hospitality Room.
There is plenty of room for all so come one, come all!!
Ken P

On Wed, 20 Aug 2008 14:00:09 -0400 "airvair at earthlink.net"
<airvair at earthlink.net> writes:
> Actually, when day-to-day prices go crazy (like gas and food has 
> lately),
> people draw back and the market gets soft for "luxury" items like 
> collector
> cars. Right now, if you haven't noticed, we are on the verge of a 
> recession
> (and some areas, like around here where I am, are already IN a 
> recession,
> if not depression). Consumer confidence is badly shaken. The housing 
> market
> is in freefall and the new vehicle market is (for the most part) in 
> the
> toilet. So it doesn't surprise me that the collector car market has 
> gone
> soft. Look for the economy to be real sour by about election time.
> And everyone thought the Corvair was finally on the way up in 
> price... 
> (Corvair content)
> -Mark
> > [Original Message]
> > Subject: <VV> Corvair Sales Market
> >
> > I realize gas prices are high but should that fact impact the 
> Sales
> Market for restored Corvair.  i.e. a Black 65 Corsa Conv, (now 
> withdrawn) 
> > fully restored with no activity with a Buy-it-now price of 
> $12,995.00
> >
> > You've got to know that the Seller has at least $20k/$25k in the 
> car. 
> Compared to a $5k car that a person buys and takes 1/2 years out of 
> his/her
> life to make it as nice after spending another 20k/25K.  I just 
> don't get
> it!
> >
> > If the market is soft, it CAN'T be due to Gas prices.  Most of 
> these cars
> are not driven that much.   In spite of the media's constant
> prognostications WE ARE NOT in a resession.  
> > Slow growth maybe, but not a reversal in negative economic 
> indicators. 
> >
> > So that's not it.  Maybe the word has gotten out to prospective 
> buyers
> that Corvair Owners are cheap.  
> >
> > Grumpy 
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