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Kenneth E Pepke kenpepke at juno.com
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This is not all that difficult ... in North America ...

A coupe is a vehicle with one row of seats, Period.

A sedan is a vehicle with two rows of seats, Period.

All Corvair cars [not to include FCs] are sedans from the factory.

EM Corvairs came in:
           2 door [pillar] sedans.
           4 door [pillar] sedans.
           2 door [pillarless] convertible sedans.
           4 door [pillar / extended roof] sedans commonly
                      referred to as station wagons.

LM Corvairs came in:
           2 door [pillarless] sedans commonly referred to 
                      as hardtops.
           4 door [pillarless] sedans commonly referred to
                      as 'sport sedans.'
           2 door [pillarless] convertible sedans.

Over the years some Corvairs have been modified by
removing the area of the front or rear seat.  Now with one
row of seats these vehicles qualify as either:

           2 door coupes [steel fixed tops and roll up windows]
           2 door roadsters [soft or removable top but without 
                      roll up windows.]
           2 door coupe convertibles [soft or removable top
                      and roll up windows.]
Additional modifications I have seen are:
            4 door sedan convertibles [soft top and roll up windows.]
            4 door extended wheelbase limousine [three or more rows
            of seats even if only two rows of seats are installed.]

Ken P

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 01:09:48 -0400 "airvair at earthlink.net"
<airvair at earthlink.net> writes:
> Definately prefer late models, because they are all hardtops. None 
> are
> sedans. Hardtops are sleeker without that "B" pillar. Must be why 
> the
> hardtop was always considered the premium body style.
> I presently own two LM 4doors and a LM convert, all '67's. Over the 
> years
> I've owned 13 4doors, 4 convertables,  17 2doors, and 3 Greenbriers. 
> Only
> one of the 4doors was a sedan. Of those, 11 were '67's, 5 were 
> '69's, 11
> were '66's, 6 were '65's, and one each of '64 and '68 (the 'briers 
> were all
> '64's).
> Wouldn't mind owning a '62 Monza wagon and a '65 Greenbrier deluxe 
> 8-door.
> But now I'm dreaming...... (G)
> -Mark
> > [Original Message]
> > From: Robert Marlow <Vairtec at optonline.net>
> > Subject: <VV> The EM vs LM thing
> >
> > So tell me, what do you own?
> >
> > Early model only
> > Late model only
> > FC only
> > Early and late
> > Early and FC
> > Late and FC
> > Early, late and FC
> >
> > --Bob

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