<VV> Rear motor mount

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Jack on the place where the three body seams come together. That way, if
you're careful in where you place the floor jack, you can still set the
jackstand directly in the middle of the triangle. It will also allow both
front and rear wheel to come off the ground, and you can put two jackstands
under that side. Handy if you only need one side raised, though not
recommended if you are also going to raise the other side. In that case,
put only the rear jackstand under the car. Then raise the other side the
same way. After that, raise the front with the floor jack lifting the
center of the crossmember. Then insert the two front jackstands behind the
front wheels and under the front frame struts.


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> OK... So if you jack there - where do you place the stands?
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> > No, I used the triangular area ahead of the rear wheels - always.
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> > Stephen

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