<VV> Volume definition - was: difference between a sedan and a coupe (shorter)

P.H. Raker n556p at yahoo.com
Mon May 11 14:30:31 EDT 2009

>You wrote, in part:
> >>  Measurements of a coupe and a sedan are as follows:
> >> .     Coupe equals less than 33 cubic feet (.934 cubic  m).
> >> .         Sedan is equal to or  greater than 33 cubic feet.
> >
> > Which begs the question: How many  cubic feet are in a Corvair two
> > door and four  door?
> >
> > Stephen U
>I asked the same question about a week  ago and received no satisfactory
>answer, just a bunch of wisecracks, but  no wisdom.  It would appear that
>nobody really knows what the interior  volume of a Corvair is.  If 
>anyone does
>know, he's unwilling to share it  with the rest of us.
>Phil Raker

> Here's what I have:
> SAE defines "luggage area" in a first gen Corvair (back seat area) as 
> being 17.6 cubic feet with the back seat folded down.   With the seat 
> up, the area is 13.3 cubic feet.   Forward luggage area (trunk) is 
> 11.3 cubic feet.
> This area does not include the space above the bodyline in the 
> vehicle which is by specs mandated to be clear so as to not block 
> driver vision.   Actual floor to ceiling space is not listed in the 
> papers I have... best I can provide at the moment.
> Oddly enough, the lit I have does not define the space of the front 
> seating area.
> I have other paperwork stuck somewhere that likely has better specs 
> but I haven't been able to find the stuff.
> tony.. 
So, Tony,
     What does the SAE Standard that defines Coupe/Sedan by volume say about how that volume is to be measured?  Does it include the volume from the bottom of the windows to the roof?  If not, the figures you've quoted above would seem to indicate that ALL Corvair cars, perhaps even the Lakewoods too, are (by that definition) coupes.  It seems that all are way below the 33 cu ft that is the dividing line.  If we're going to quote numbers, they should all be measured in the same way.  Has anyone done this?  Does anyone know the result?  Is anyone willing to share it?  Inquiring minds want to know - - - or are at least curious.
     Phil Raker
'65 Corsa Cpe - 140/4
'63 Greenbrier - 110/4


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