<VV> Raising Air Cleaner

Marc Marcoulides hharpo at earthlink.net
Fri May 15 12:45:19 EDT 2009

Once, many years ago, I was at the market near my home and saw someone with thier Corvair and the engine cover up. They were making a repair so I had to take a closer look. They had thier own 3" risers fabricated from sheet metal between the carb and the factory air cleaner housing. The repair was necessary as the attachments (nylon line) had broken from engine vibration and he was re-attaching them. I had never seen the mod before and asked him what the benefit was. He didn't want to discuss it and appeared annoyed and completed the re-attach and sped away. I did my own research and desided not to attempt the riser mod myself. Later K&N came on the market and I desided that was a better mod. Now if I could only find that guy and tell him about K&N...

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