<VV> Tranny pan, oil filter, oil cooler, pressure switch ...

Daniel Monasterio dmonasterio at hotmail.com
Mon May 18 21:20:25 EDT 2009

  If you want better oil filtering, follow Richard Widman's advice on filters and try to get the Donaldson P550008 instead of any other PH-8A equivalency. He is an oil expert.
<< I am going to use a Mobil 1 High Capacity filter model , M1-30, as the FLAP guy at PEP Boys said it 
 was the same as the PH-8A (et al) that is supposed to fit my 90 
 degree adaptor (A/C car).>>


Didn't you receive the wiring diagram I sent you, a week ago ?

<< I still haven't heard from anyone on the oil pressure switch 
installation question.>>


Daniel Monasterio

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