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Are you holding the filter (big) nut steady while you  tighten the small  
fuel line nut?  Tighten the filter nut with a  1" wrench first.   Then snug 
the small fuel line nut into the  filter nut while flexing the fuel  line 
until it is snug so you have  a good seat for the flare fitting.  Then  
HOLD the 
filter nut  with the 1" wrench and tighten the small fuel line nut  into it 
against the big wrench being sure the filter nut isn't tightened   more.  
There should be very minimal to no twisting of the fuel   line if this is 
correctly.  Then check for leaks.   Just  tightening the small nut against 
big filter nut will result  in leaks  and twisted fuel lines.

Bob  Hall

John  - First try to isolate the leak. Is it coming out of the  gasketed 
area between the big nut and the carb body - or from around  the metal 
tube/fuel line - or from between the tube fitting and the  big nut. You will have 
to disassemble it to find the source, unless separately  tightening it, as 
Bob suggests. You may find a cracked fuel line where it is  flared. I have 
seen more of those lately. The only two sealing points are the  big nut to the 
body and the flare to the inner tapered seat of the big nut. If  the flare 
is cracked, no amount of tightening will help. It will leak more as  you 
tighten it. If you have tightened up both nuts - Use a flare-nut wrench on  the 
tube nut or you will distort it - and find it still leaks, take it apart and 
 check for cracks, or foreign objects (VW parts?) on or in one of the 
surfaces.  There is no place for any sealer in this portion of the Corvair fuel 
system -  though I suppose you could seal the big gasket in place if you 
needed to.
Seth  Emerson

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