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I was  able to get it to stay idling (and  
balanced), but you can tell that  it is still too low.  I need to get  
a tack on it and get some  readings, but that can't happen until  
tomorrow because of a word  with four letters that starts with "w".   
What check list should  I run through to isolate the problem?

Stephen  U

disconnect both the rod from the trans and the connector from the  left 
carb linkage to the cross-over. Only then are you setting the carbs to each  of 
their best settings. Once you have the mixture where you want it and the 
idle  volume where you want it, (via the Unisyn) then increase both to bring 
the idle  to where you want it - and recheck with the Unisyn to get it 
balanced. Then  check to see that you are not feeding vacuum to the advance, hook 
up the  crossover, adjusting the left side link to make sure it - JUSTS - 
fits into  the crossover (take up the slack). Then hook up the rod from the  
Seth  Emerson

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