<VV> Idle adjustment (more clues)

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 One thing to check for is flatness of the carb flange. I've often had to do the 60 grit sandpaper on a piece of glass to flatten these out. These DO get warped from previous ham handed mechanics overtorquing the things. I've also had to use a draw file to flatten the underside of the carb top for the same reason. 



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After spraying all of the vacuum connections, I found I may have a  

leak at the base of both carburetors. I am using 1/32 gaskets that I  

cut myself. I know, I know that could be the problem, BUT I was VERY  

careful to use a factory 1/64 for my template, I used an xacto knife,  

and am using premium gasket material. I theory, it should not be the  

problem. What I need to know at this point is the torque settings for  

the four carb nuts. I was pretty ginger with them. The slightly over  

torquing the base doesn't worry me as much as the top nuts and the  

possibility of over tightening them and denting the carb cover. Once  

I know that I have them secure and there is still leakage, I will  

move to re-move and replace the gaskets.

The readings on the (-) of the coil and the the coil to distributor  

wire were exactly the same.



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