<VV> Weber 40DCOE-151 and 40DCOE-4...

Secular rusecular at yahoo.com
Sun May 24 18:22:19 EDT 2009

  Here's some info regarding the differences between the 
  Weber 40DCOE-151  and  40DCOE-4


  The Weber 40DCOE151 is a newer carb, usually made in Spain. 
  The Italian Webers are a better made carb - better quality. One of 
  the big differences is in the progression holes. 

  These are used when transferring the fuel from using the idle jet to 
  the main jet. The Italian made carbs have three holes while some 
  of the Spanish carbs have only two, leaving a flat spot during 

  The rest of carb is mostly the same. The casting are better from Italy. 
  The later carbs also have some adapters for using vacuum.
   The early ones(40DCOE2, 4, 18, 32) do not have those 
  access holes...



  Tony Irani 

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