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Having lost all concept of what used Corvair parts are going for, I'm one
of those guys that saved 110 cylinder heads, headlight bezels, etc., when
other Corvair people told me these are too common and plentiful to save and
they will never be worth anything. I research eBay sold items as well as
see what Clark's Corvair asks for used parts so I have a rough idea as to
what the current trend is. 

When I made up the auction ad for the bumpers, Clark's doesn't sell used
bumpers, but wants a core charge if you don't have one. Right now
(5-22-09) on their web site, Clark's wants over $300 for a rechrome front
bumper and their is a $70 core charge. Each bumper bracket has a core
charge of $6.00 each X 4 = $24.00 in core charges for the brackets. 

So as I read it, you buy a rechrome bumper ($311.45) with the refinished
brackets (4 x $17.00 = $68.00) from Clark's for $378.45 + shipping and
don't have a good core to send him, you will lose $70.00 for the bumper +
$24.00 for the brackets = $94.00 in total core charges because you didn't
have a bumper with brackets to send him. At least that's the way I read it. 

Shipping costs me $28.00 & $23.00 to send the two bumpers I sold on eBay.
Depends on where in the USA you are. 

Clark's is not buying bumpers as far as I know, but these are the core
values he places on them. 

The real sad part is I would have given these away if you stopped by my
house and asked for one. I almost listed these as 99 cent items, but with
the way that eBay pushes Pay Pal, if I sold a 99 cent bumper and it costs
me $28.00 to ship, the net result would be I would have LOST $1.35 by the
time all monies changed hands because of eBay & Pay Pal fees. If I'm going
to lose money, I might as well toss them in the trash. And yes, I do offer
all buyers the option of picking up ANY ITEM they buy so they can save all
shipping costs. 


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