<VV> Front End Wobble/cowl shake/tire vibration

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Fri May 29 14:52:56 EDT 2009

All this talk about how it is the radial tires, well, I'm not convinced
it is the radial part of the tire -- nobody has mentioned tire run-out
or roundness.  Anybody check these things on their tires?  What are the
acceptable limits?  Do the limits vary for vehicle design (convertible
vs sedan, vs FC vs early vs late)?   How much does it vary according to
price and manufacturer?  Is on the car balancing better than off the
car?  How about a four weight static balance before the dynamic
balance?  Are your wheels stock?  If not, are they of stock dimension,
or is the backspacing more or less?

Most shops used to offer "tire truing", but it wasn't too popular to see
them shaving all that rubber off your new tires.  Perhaps this was more
popular and necessary in the days of recaps.  I don't know how you fix
run-out (similar to a bent wheel, but built into the tire), except  keep
mounting them and checking until you get four good ones (as if this is
going to go over with the dealer, or worse, the mail order house for you
internet tire shoppers).   I certainly recommend buying your tires from
someone who has the ability to provide tire related services by
qualified, experienced personnel -- leaves out Firestone, the internet,
and most other factory shops ...

I notice the latest off car computer balancing machines now have a "bead
seating" feature before they balance them.


Bill Strickland

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