<VV> Stripped Oil Pan

jimster1 jimster1 at earthlink.net
Sun May 31 02:51:09 EDT 2009

Assuming that the threads are not totally destroyed, why not try a bottoming
tap and clean up the hole as deep as it will go.  Then thread a stud into
the hole and secure it with a bit of JB weld.  After everything is solid,
put your pan back on and secure that one place with a nut.

>I stripped the threads on one of my oil pan bolt holes and would like 
> on how to fix it. Would you suggest (i)helicoil, (ii) timesert, or (iii)
> some other method? also, are the holes blind so I don't need to worry 
> about
> chips falling up into the crankcase?
> Thanks,
> John Green
> 1965 Monza 110/4
> Corsa member
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