<VV> adding weight to rear to improve handling (mag. article)

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Subject: <VV> adding weight to rear to improve handling (mag. article)

> <Actually, a car  magazine article from 1960 or 1961 (Road and  Track??)
> entitled "why doesnt the corvair handle" explored the  weight bias theory
The article could as well be entitled " why doesn't a go-kart handle " ..... 
the truth is, of course, that an early model *can*  handle, if prepared as a 

As the CableGuy might say,   " lock'er down  " ....

I innocently mentioned this a few years ago here and received over 76,000 
hate emails ...   I forgave all of them, knowing that they did not know of 
which they speak ....
I believe the most important thing about " suspension " is that of comfort 
for the driver ( and other passengers, if a street car ) ...   this is 
important, because it allows achieving " easy-chair " driving ... without 
this, few would buy a street car .... and even a competition driver can only 
stand so much blood pouring out of his eyes before he backs off... or makes 
a driving error .

I guess that now would be a good time to mention that adding weight to the 
front trunk of a corvair to balance the engine in the rear .... is a poor 
choice.... what it does is make a " dumb-bell "  ( lifting weight ) out of 
the car ,   what it really needs is very simple .... " mass should be 
centered fore and aft, and low, very very low ...   "

reargards, ken at deltawerkes

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