Marc Marcoulides hharpo at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 2 15:05:51 EDT 2009

In California, you must have a repair facility certified by the state issue a cert showing repair of the brakes, lights & glass plus probably others that I have forgotten. In California a salvage title could be from 2 differant reasons. 

The 1st, a total theft not recovered in 30 days and the insuring company has paid the insured for the vehicle. In such cases I have seen the recovery of a vehicle undamaged but because the owner was paid for it the salvage title and all of the certification is required. What complicates the process is frequently a company may be authorized for brakes only, electrical only and so on.

The 2nd, a crash or flood damaged car where the insuring company has chosed the lesser of payment amounts to the insured repair or market value of the car. 

These comments come from my expierence as an insurance agent for many years

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