<VV> 63 Spyder Fisher Body Tag Info

Ken Maxwell kobramax at insightbb.com
Sun Oct 4 07:16:21 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone!


I am looking at a 1963 Spyder convertible with the following data on the
Fisher Body Tag:


St. 09C

630967 Body WR

Trim 1-712 WR 1446

Acc. F2C3C Paint 948-7


I know about the production date (third week of September, 1962) and I know
the paint is Palomar Red (948). I assume the "1" before the "712" is for a
white top with a black interior. I know the car was built at Willow Run and
was the 1446th Spyder convertible built. Does the "7" after the "948" paint
stand for the interior paint color (black)? I have no idea about the
accessories "F2C3C" I am assuming that one of the "C"'s is for the Spyder
package? What is the other "C" and the "F" for? Does anyone have an early
model Fisher Body Code list like the nice late model one that is available?




Ken Maxwell

Louisville, KY

65 Monza Spyder

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