<VV> Rough idle

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 4 13:03:53 EDT 2009

I started the engine and sprayed carb cleaner into the throat.  I got  
a slight rise in rpm.  I then kept spraying and listening.  Every  
time, I got the same reaction.  I then sprayed straight down the idle  
circuit again.  Not much change in rpm.  I then cupped, reved and  
released.  The idle started to dramatically improve.  I put it in  
drive.  It was not perfect, but much better and didn't act like it  
wanted to stall.  I cupped and reved about five more times.  I then  
checked the exhaust.  The right side was now warm to the hand.  I  
then took the spark plug wires off one by one.  The reaction was the  
same on each; a slight drop of rpm (I had to pay close attention to  
detect it).  This is in marked contrast to earlier when disconnecting  
a left side plug wire would almost stall the engine and disconnecting  
a right side wire had no affect whatsoever.

Solution: take the carb apart.  I know I have to do this if the  
problem keeps occurring, but I really don't want to open up a newly  
rebuilt carb unless I absolutely have to.  I'm such a rookie,  
although I got plenty of practice doing this a year ago last summer,  
my potential for making things worse is very high.

Stephen Upham

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