<VV> Not Race Cars Ask John Fitch

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 15 22:53:25 EDT 2009

>John Fitch and Zora Duntov turned them into race cars.  

No, apologies not needed -- you say so your self, John and Zora "turned 
them into race cars", meaning that to start with, they were not race 
cars, which is what I said, and that to race them, first you had to turn 
them into something else that only looked like a Corvette, and by 55 or 
56, this was a possibility, but since "any year" includes any year, I 
specifically speak of the pre-55 Vette and it's three carb Blue Flame 
Six and what was that front suspension called, 'sliding link' or 
something like that? (Occasionally replaced "in the day" with a straight 

But, a nice bit o' history there, James -- thanks!

Bill Strickland

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