<VV> Flat Towing- Finito

charles doerge cdoerge1 at att.net
Sun Oct 25 13:13:56 EDT 2009

My Stinger now rests in it's garage in NC. The tow was effortless using a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 (towing capacity 8100 lbs). Also in play was a custom made tow bar with chains, magnetic tow lights, safety chains, a professional type sign "Race Car In Tow" hanging off the rear deck, "Caution Car In Tow" written on rear window with white shoe polish, no plates, and tow hubs (locks powertrain and applies all road forces to hubs). We came south on I-95 and local interstates to Catawba County. A few law enforcement cruisers slowed down, took a look and kept driving. Someone said it best with the statement "Don't tow junk with junk". Thanks to all for your comments/advice/warnings....    Charlie

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