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You're making a big mistake if you do NOT change the gaskets/seal in
between the adapter and the engine. The inner seal is rubber, and as we all
know about pushrod tube seals, rubber hardens and leaks over time. Heck, I
have an inner seal on my trophy collection that I pulled from an a/c 90º
adapter that is as hard as a rock. I've even seen them so hard they had
broken like glass. Plus, the paper outer seal will weld itself into the
groove of the engine adapter if not replaced every time. Then IT starts
leaking, and is next to impossible to remove. It happened to me, and you
couldn't crank down enough to stop it from leaking. I know all this from
having 38 years of experience with air conditioned Corvairs. 

My advice is this. Change all three seal/gaskets between your engine and
oil filter adapter EVERY time you change oil and filter.. This goes for a/c
adapters as well as spin-on filter adapters. You'll have less problems
removing the old paper outer gasket, and the inner rubber seal will always
be soft and doing its job.

Others may dispute this (as they have in the past) but I KNOW from hard
experience that this is the best policy. That's my story and I'm sticking
to it.

-Mark (Prez of the Air 'Vair Group for air conditioned Corvairs)

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> Jeff; I'm the one who has the oil filter adapter. It allows use of a
> PF or PH 13 filter, which has the same basic ratings as the std two gasket
> corvair filter. Regardless of this I still use the best rated filters I
> find, usually a WIX.
> The adapter simply uses the original gaskets from a original style oil
> filter and is held in place by the original screw and gasket set up. It
> a 3/4 inch thread sticking out of it, and accepts a spin on filter. Simple
> as that. There are no moving parts to mess up, it just ports the inlet and
> outlet of the casting to the correct parts of the fliter. It is not
> when a filter change is due.
> Mark Durham

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