<VV> 1960 Corvair #375

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 4 00:09:43 EDT 2010

The dealer told Mel that he dumped the car at the Sullivan Auto auction last

I would hazard a guess, that whomever bid $3000 for the car retracted his
offer once he saw the car in person.

I am led to believe that the dealer ended up just getting rid of it...

I doubt that the car brought $3000 at an auto auction of non- Corvair

It could have sold for $100's or less based on how rusty and bondo'd up it

I am very afraid that it could be parted or scraped buy an owner who does
not realize the historical significance.

If you have the contact info for the deal, call him and see if he can
provide more details of who may have it....

I Googled Sullivan Auto auction and didn't find a specific business but
found a Auctioneer in Sullivan IL who also buys and sells cars...

My first guess is that he may have been involved...

Here is a link to his website...


Rick (trying to help) Loving 

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Subject: <VV> 1960 Corvair #375

I had offered $2750 but retracted that 
offer after viewing the car in person at his location. If 
the car was sold at a dealer auction then we should be 
able to trace where it went. Even if the car went through 
a public sale there are records of who bought it. If the 
car sold for $3k or even close to that I don't think a 
dealer would just scrap it due to the excessive bondo 
problems. - Pete K

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