<VV> [SCG] EM Reproduction Batteries

Chuck Facklam cfacklam at roadrunner.com
Sun Apr 4 11:52:57 EDT 2010

Thanks for this info Bill  I really appreciate you stepping up to the plate 
on this. I am in the market for a battery right now and do not believe 
Clarks even supplies a retro looking battery any more.

Thanks, Chuck Facklam

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Subject: [SCG] EM Reproduction Batteries

>I spoke with the company owner of Restoration Battery today and learned his
> company CAN still supply the Early Corvair battery as a Lead-Acid Battery
> but NOT as a maintenance-free battery, due to the fact that they can no
> longer get a modern power unit that fits inside the case.  Also, before 
> you
> ask, although they do have the early repro cases they CANNOT just sell you 
> a
> case due to licensing restrictions from GM.
> The deal with the Maintenance-free version is that they put a 
> new-technology
> gel-core power unit (most were designed for and used by military) into a
> reproduction case and then connect the terminals of the power unit
> internally to the case terminals.  Unfortunately there is no longer a 
> power
> unit small enough and of sufficient power to fit inside the EM 
> reproduction
> case.  He doubts they will ever get a proper power unit again, but there 
> is
> a possibility that with a large enough order it could be made - he thought
> it would be around 300-350 batteries.
> I doubt there is a big enough demand for that many EM Stock Reproduction
> batteries, but I thought I would post to these lists and see if there is 
> any
> interest.  The problem is one of cost - Maintenance-free battery WAS 
> listed
> at $240; Lead-Acid is about $200
> Here is the link for Group 53 battery (Price shown as Maintenance-free):
> http://www.restorationbattery.com/group53.html
> Bill Hubbell
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> From: Kent Sullivan
> Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 10:47 PM
> I got mine from:
> Restoration Battery
> 5484 Race Rd.
> Cincinnati, OH 45247
> http://www.restorationbattery.com/
> So far, I am very happy with it. For a car that is run only occasionally, 
> it
> is so nice to not have to remember to check the fluid levels regularly.
> --Kent
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> Subject: [SCG] Repro battery: vintage looks/mod. inside?
> About a year ago I purchased a vintage look Delco repro battery from one 
> of
> our vendors.  It's the one that's shipped dry and must be charged upon
> receipt by the buyer.  Well, it has never held a charge well at all. 
> Since
> buying that battery, I have been told that there is a vintage look Delco
> battery available that has modern components on the inside.  Can anyone
> recommend a source for such a battery?
> Thanks!
> ~Bill Stanley
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