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Thu Apr 8 16:53:01 EDT 2010

The reason the concours was moved to being the first event of the
convention schedule was because of the number of Cole Award competitors.
They didn't want the tough job of having to clean up the undersides of
their cars after the moving events added to their labors. They felt that
this would unfairly burden them, unlike those concours participants who
weren't Cole competitors. Those people's cars could arrive at the concours
with undersides that had been cleaned up sometimes well in advance of the
convention and trailered in.


> [Original Message]
> Subject: Re: <VV> Iowa  Convention Schedule
> Harry Jensen, wrote:
> > Concours has to be the first event
> It does?  I guess I missed that in civics class.
> Why does one event dictate the schedule?
> Should not the best interests of the membership AS A WHOLE drive the 
> schedule?
> There is precedent for the concours being held after moving events.  It 
> has been done before, and the sun still rose in the east and the earth 
> still spun on its axis.
> --Bob Marlow

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