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Dennis Pleau dpleau at wavecable.com
Sun Apr 11 21:33:01 EDT 2010

I heard a few people saying a bunch of "other people" thought the convention
was too long.  I never heard from many or even a few individuals who thought
the Convention was to long during the 6 years I was on the BoD.

Dennis Pleau
Former Western Division CORSA Director

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For years all I have heard is BITCHING about the conventions lasting 
TOO long............NOW the convention is shortened which I DON'T 
like and guess WHAT now everyone can BITCH about not being able to go 
to ALL the meetings because ..............the convention is TOO short 
and there is NOT ENOUGH TIME for all the 
meetings.................YEAH......... BITCH ON EVERYONE !!!

Chuck Armer

CORSA Member

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